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Stingray Bass Owners.....

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I'm going to try to jam a Stingray 4-knob preamp rig into my bass project, which has a rather smallish body on the treble side (so I'm concerned about space). For the control cavity I have at most a semicircle with a 4" radius to work with.

Are the knobs all separated from each other, or are they all on a single PCB board?

If you can post a photo of a Stingray control cavity, it would be worth a thousand words.



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No pics here cause I sold my early 80's stingray (active treble and bass) two years ago, the battery on that was in a different chamber. The pots on that were not directly connected to the board, having them mounted on the board is not a desirable trait IMO- repairs are much harder and a jolt to the pot could ruin the entire preamp.

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