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Routing Neck Pocket

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Cut 2 pieces of at least 1/2" thick wood 3" wide and around 15" long. Put one on each side of the neck and clamp in place. Then cut a third piece about 3" long. Place that small piece tight against the end of the tailstock (heel) and draw the taper on each side where it would contact the 2 longer side pieces.

Grab up the small piece and mill it down to the lines. Then test fit it into the space at the end of the heel. Once it fits snugly, glue it in place and clamp. You will create something that looks like a fork. Use a pencil to mark the area where the hell would actually rest.

Once it has dried long enough, unclamp it and remove the neck. Now you might want to add center marks. With a 1/2" router bit you will be able to create a nice snug pocket.

By using longer boards on the sides, the whole unit will be more accurate.

Hope this helps.


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