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Need A Big Bookmatched Maple Veneer!

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ok so i want to add a flame maple top to my jackson rhandy rhoads v body, but i need a big chunk of wood to do so. i had wanted to buy the bookmatched flamed maple set from universal jems, but its not big enough. i need it to be at least 22x17 total...anybody have any idea where i can get my hands on something like that? i already tried sifting through the lumber suppliers listed on the main site and i havent been able to come up with anything.

[edit] im in the market for something on the cheap side too, i just dont have the funds to pay a huge gob of cash for some wood. the 15 dollar price tag on universal jems was a sweet deal, and thats the kind of thing im in search of.

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Are you looking for veneer (1/40"or so)or a top (1/4" or so). I am assuming veneer because of the price. I have found veneer at my local Woodcrafters, its kinda nice to see exactly what you are buying. If you are looking for a thicker top, let me know I have some material that might work for ya.


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I bought bookmatched quilted and flamed maple veneer for a Rhoads V at The Woodwell. Great prices & service.

i love you! thank you so much, i couldnt find anything like that for the life of me, and its the right price too. now i can proceed in building my super v!

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