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Peaghead Design

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I am seaking a smart goodlooking peaghead for a trem guitar :D

These questions I would like to ask

1. How bad is it for the "stay in tune" (friction) if the strings have an angle between

nut and maschines ? How much angle is no!! problem

2. Its too difficult to tell from just pics : How much angle do the PRS peaghead have

and how good do they actually stay in tune - are they better or worse from strats

3. What other peagheads besides the strat and the music man's do you know, that have

a straight through string to maschine ?

I have seen a couple of "weird" peagheads that fulfil this , but as I am more of a conservative and a non-metal (Klingone knife?!:D) person, I am not all to happy with those. I spent three days now on the computer but I cannot come up with a decent design.

I would have liked a 3L3R design, but with strings straight through "its impossible"

Thanks for any comment or direction

happy new year

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