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Need Help Refinishing Used Guitars

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Well I was driving to a friends and saw a garage sale and spotted some gutiars. So i check it out and they had two. I bought them both for 10 bucks. They are both really f'ed up cosmetically but hopefully there is potential. One is strat body and there is wood putty all over it and it looks like the neck pickup cavity has been filled in by the same stuff. I would really like to fix her up but dont know how I can achieve a nice paint job with the current state of the guitar. :D

The next is a explorer type body and someone already stripped it and put a spay on clear coat. Im thinking just strip that off till its bare wood then go about finishing a guitar 'the normal way'

But the main question is how to a prep a guitar for painting. I couldnt find a tutorial for that. I know you need some sort of pore filler so the paint doesnt sink in and make little dimples on the paint. I think thats what the guy was trying to do on the strat body with wood filler all over.

The neck on the strat is decent but frets 12-22 are scalloped. There decent scalloping but the fret markers are really messed up. They are just dots but 3 frets were sanded down so far the fret markers are worn through and it looks like crap. How could I fix that?

Any help or comments would be greatly appricated. Thanks alot guys. Cheers!

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