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Metallic Blue Acoustic

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Hey guys, I'm in the process of my first 'mod', refinishing a beat up old acoustic.

I've gone with metallic blue polycarbonate paint. The paint is designed for plastic, specifically lexan (remote control car bodies etc). I wasn't sure if it would work.

I sanded down the body with a mouse, sprayed a few coats of metallic blue (looks sweet in my opinion!), and let it dry overnight.

This morning I cut out and stuck on the 'flaming skull' logo. Anyone familiar with The Offspring will recognize it.

I am now in the process of clearcoating it. It's gonna need a few coats. I'm gonna lightly mouse it down soon and then a few more glossy clear coats. Hopefully the skull logo stays on.

If this works, the next task will be to fill some cracks on other parts of the guitar, sand down sides/back and paint jet black and gloss. Also the same to the neck (very carefully!) and headstock.

Note this is my first ever 'mod' of a guitar. My hope is to assemble an electric guitar through ebay and spare parts in the near future.

Will update soon!

Heres the pics:

go to http://www.geocities.com/neocon58/acousticblue/

Heres some descriptions of the filenames:


mouse.jpg - black & decker mouse sander.

bluepaint.jpg - the metallic blue paint i used.

afterblue1,2,3,4 - after the blue was applied.

skullpc, skullcut1,2, skulldone - the proccess of preparing the skull.

clearspray.jpg - the clear coat spary i used.

after1clear1,2,3 - after the first clear coat.

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Hey man, thats really nice. I was just thinking about that today. I was playing my cheap Yamaha and thought how awesome it would look in a metallic. Now i know... It will look great. I also like the additon of the conspiracy of one logo.

The only thing i would be concerned about is the edge of the paper cut out it might not dissapear, but it will still rock.

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that paper logo, while it looks ok, kinda makes the guitar look shitter than it should, coz its not stuck on very well, and now its got some bubbles under it, which makes it look worse.

well, i'm still happy with it, especially for a first go.

soon, ill be buying a cheap 2nd hand from cash convertors (pawn shop) and be refinishing it, and posibble customizing it. I was thinking an olympic white strat with chrome knobs, similar to the white strat of blink 182's tom delonge (dont laugh). another possibility is multi-coloured metallic, you know, that method of painting they do on some show cars so you see different angles from different colours? that would be cool!!!

anyway, will post here if anything happens soon, or if i make any changes to the acoustic.

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