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Stripping A Bass

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i havent been here for a while, havebt really had a project to work on, but now im refinishing/hotrodding a squire bass. so my question is, it has the stock Fender/squire paint job on it, and i want to take the p[aint of, right down to the wood (i might be staining the guitar) the guitar has a few nicks on it, so what should i do to remove the paint?? chemical? sand? heat? sand blast? i dunno what to do, ive never had to go right down to the wood before. thanks in advance.

canadianstrat :can

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I am so jealous!! My favorite project was hottrodding a Spencer bass! Really worth doing and fun, fun,fun! Can't lose on this kind of project. Sand that old crap off and you will learn a lot about what you're working on. It won't take that long and you will develope some nice, new, soft curves. Underneath you will probly find wood not worth spending much time making pretty but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? I put exhaust pipes(that shoot LED flames) on mine and a whammy bar but that is going a little too far. Try to eliminate the pickgaurd, if you can. Makes them look much better. Let us see your progress!

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