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Hey All...

I'm lookin' to purchase a book or two (possibly three) of instruction for solid body electric building. All the stuff I know was learned from an apprenticeship nearly 17 years ago along with a whole heap of trial and error. I know I've missed a lot of stuff that could help me and my customers out.

What I'm lookin' for is detailed stuff not only related to the actual assembly, but tip and tricks of the trade sorta stuff. I've seen a buncha the books listed in the Stew Mac catalog, but I'm trying to avoid making the purchases there because... Well... You guys know about their pricing schedule. :D I'm lookin' for stuff I might be able to get at Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com

What books would you guys recommend?



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Well I realy liked the old "Customising your electric guitar" by Adrian Legg

it's a great book for tip's and tricks for wiring and realy cool wiring effects for your guitar this is a great easy to fallow book and it's full of diagrams and step-by-step instructions!


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"make your own electric guitar" by melvyn hiscock is a pretty good one. he takes you through design, choosing tools, making necks and bodies and finishing. there's a section on electronics and on setting up your guitar. i honestly don't remember where i bought it but there's a good chance you can get it from amazon or e-bay.

good luck!

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Hiscock's book is good. But don't pass up other sources of information dealing with stringed instruments in general. All info can be applicable in one form or another. I have:

Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar - Jonathan Kinkade

Complete Guitar Repair - Hideo Kamimoto

Complete Banjo Repair - Larry Sandberg

All the books show tools used, techniques etc.

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I have dan erlewine *guitar player repair guide* thats like the title says is more oriented toward set-up, modding and repair but their quite a lot of information in there.

And i also have Martin Koch *Building electric Guitar* Ebook edition **cough** and i find it very well written and lot of usefull tips and tricks, im in electronic and wiring all over my head right now planning for my project and its been a VERY good ressources.

Melvin hiscock book is probably the next one ill buy if i buy another but i cant find it locally here, ill have to order from somewhere, so it will probably wait....

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