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Lingas Hardwood ?

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I was in a local woodworking shop this weekend and saw a type of wood I was not familiar with. I can't remember exactly but I think they called it Lingas or Limbas or something like that. The clerk told me it was some newer species in South America that they have found can be planted and harvested in about 15 years time.

It is a nice wood. Really tight grain pattern, fairly light color, and not too heavy. Looks alot like Red Oak, but with a tighter more dense grain. Kind of like Bloodwood, but not dark red like Bloodwood.

Anybody here know what this wood is ? Or ever even heard of it ? If you have, does it have guitar building applications ? Just curious, as it is nice looking wood and cheaper than some of the more exotic hardwoods like Mahogany or Bubinga.

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