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wiring a blend pot ?


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i will soon be wiring my next guitar, in which i am using a blend pot instead of a selector switch.

The switch did not come with a wiring diagram, so does anyone know how to connect it?(H-H 1 vol, 1 tone, blend))

it has 6 lugs, two banks of 3,

would i be right in saying that i only need use the top three, in which case the output to the jack would be the middle lug and the other two would be the two pickup sources?


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I found a link to the instructions you need on this page, but unfortunately all it will lead you to is a page that say's the instructions have moved.

You might want to e-mail them for technical help here, and let them know you have part number 3764 and need instructions for Blend Pot Wiring.

Be sure to mention that it is no longer available on their website.

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