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This looks cool. I was thinking about doing a double with Strat or Tele parts. I had settled on the idea of an alder Tele, with a six/twelve setup. Just have more ideas and dreams than I do time and money right now. B)

The body would be a bit different than normal for me, because a wide body like that, would ba a bit wider than my bandsaw throat. I would have to either work in the waste material for all of my cuts, or I could cut the outlines for my sections before I join then together. (I don't think I can afford a board capable of making a 1 piece body for this.) :D

I would also have to scratch out a 12 string neck. I made a 12 string a long time ago, but I got the neck too durn heavy, I had no tone, and it felt like playing a water ski. I was afraid that if I went too lightly, it would warp, so I overestimated.

Now you have me thinking about using two kits... This is a workable solution, except that instead of a 12 string, I could make a regular Tele, and one with a humbucker in the bridge position, along with hotter pickups. The difference in tones could make for some possiblilties during shows. I wonder if it would be feasible to just graft a new headstock on to one of the necks. either this, or look for one of the big paddlenecks, and do some careful engineering of the holes. (And use mini tuners and light strings)

really cool stuff.

Teles still rule!

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