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Rotary Switch Wiring


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well i've wasted an hour on line this morning searching before i asked here...but...i've got a bright orange hendrick in here and the owner wants me to change the switching from a standard three way to a five way. the body is so thin that i don't have room to route out to facilitate any standard five way switch that i have..however, i do have a five way rotary switch that fits in the cavity without routing..

the only problem is i don't have a clue how to wire this puppy up..dimarzio used to have a schematic for it and there's even a link to it here in the tutorial section but it won't open. anyway, this is one of those mega-switches with 12 lugs in a circle and two lugs inside of those twelve.

anyone have a link to a diagram?

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thanks..it's like a prs but it's only one layer and has fourteen lugs total. but that second schematic gave me an idea how to start..i think :D

edited to say:

oops..my bad..this is actually a 6way so i'm betting it's a varitone switch. which would explain why there's 12 lugs on the outside... but it still ought to work if i can figure out where to start.

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hey..no fair! i'm old and i'm not supposed to have to think. :D

actually i'm gonna do just that but then i'm going to order a four way rotary for this project and save this switch for when i might actually want six combinations. all i'm doing on this one is the regular three way switching for two pickups and then an out of phase option.

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