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what items should i get?

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ok im gonna paint and finish a guitar, i need to apply primer, then the wahtvere color i want, then i need to apply the clear coats of laquer then buff it out with polishing compound right?

how many coats of each do i need? and couldnt i just use spray paint for the base paint instead of nitro? what makes nitro better than regular paint?

haha i have lots of questions....... still got lots to learn

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You don't necessarily have to clear coat solid colors such as black or white. you can just buff them out. but if it's a metallic of any sort you need clear.

nitro vs. "regular paint" : i assume you mean the stuff you'd find at Home Depot, spray cans. those are enamels and are not great for guitars i've found. If you can find acrylic lacquer say at an auto parts store, that works very well. you don't have to use nitro. Nitro's the only way to go if you want to replicate vintage fiinishes but if you just want to paint the thing use acrylic. that's my attitude about it.

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