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First Paint Job


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Hey guys, finished my first whole refinish the other day... I basically scrapped everything on my squire strat and am upgrading everything... I painted it black with a sparley sort of finish.. I think it looks really good for my first, and I'm only 16 so I think it came out as good as it could of.... Go to my site down under this and go to "project strat" on my page... Tell me what you think!



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nope havnt put it back together yet.. I actually spent $13 on the whole paint job! can you beleive it? Its a 3 step like car paint i got a pep boys made by a company called Plasti-kote haha.... Its just got a black coat, sparkle coat, and and clear... was tough gettin it to not run, i had to retry like 3 times haha....

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