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Hello, I'm new here.

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Hey, Im new to the forum, had some questions to ask so seeked out this site I heard of on the HC forums.

Ok, Im in search of finding a nice happy medium somehwere between my LP and my Carvin superstrat.

Love the tone of the LP, yet it has poor upper fret acces, and is a hard tail. Love the carvin's neck, double cutaway, and floating trem.

Im looking for something to get the LP tone and carvin playability for something around $500 used. However, searching has found me nothing of the sort [the only thing I could find was a PRS Custom...soooo not in my range]/

So my next option was to custom order something to the specs I want. One from warmoth would set me just over a grand! So no to that.

So today I found a company called Tradition that makes a prs custom copy. Mahod body, real maple cap. Awesome. However, two problems with this.

1: It is a hardtail [tune-o-matic]. What I want is the ability to whammy down, but I realize I never pull up on my Wilkinson floater, so I want it set up just to go down for tuning stability...so a vintage trem along the lines of what is in a strat is what I want. Is it possible to convert a tune-o-matic bridge piece/stoptail to a vintage trem? I assume Ill probably have to plug the holes from the tune-o-matic, repaint, and then install the new bridge? Any howto's or websites about this possibly?

2: The neck has a glossy back. YUCK! I love my tung oiled neck. If I were, say, to shave the neck so there is no paint on it and it is raw wood again, and then apply tung oil to it, will it work? Will doing this damage the necks stability? I understand Ill need truss rod adjustments to prevent warping/twisting, but it won't destroy the neck because it is thinner and not painted, right? I assume if worst comes to worst, I can cut the et neck off and install a carvin bolt next into it, right?

Well, thanks for any answers anyone has.

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dude if your having it custom made than just tell them you want a tung oiled neck! but if its not there are a few tutorials on this site that explain how to strip the neck. its not hard i did one yesterday and tung oiled the first coat in an hour. you just have to take your time and be careful. as far as the trem goes, i dont know i personaly like stop tail pieces. i guess you could plug the holes but that would look ugly! you could do an inlay in that area then it would cover the holes and it would look like it was intentional.

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One of these days I'll get around to doing a trem cavity tutorial, but until then I'll just have to keep searching on the net.

Oh and welcome to the forum stevehollx :D

HC huh, haven't been over there in month's guess word is getting around about Project Guitar everywhere B)

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