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Almost Done! What's A Good Wax To Use.


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I'm finally down to the very last step before assembly. I tried Mcquiars cleaner-wax but I think it has a mild abrasive in it that leaves the finish worse than before I started waxing. What's a good (best) wax to use on my waterbased poly finished baby!!

Thanx all!


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I may be dead wrong, and anyone else please wade in, but the guys who I learned from told me to keep wax away from polyurethane.

The water base finishes aren't true polys, but act like them. Part of your problem may be that the ones that I have used take a long time to cure all of the way. Like a month or more. They set up about 75% in normal time and the last 25% takes an excruciatingly long time to cure. This is because they just don't cure by evaporation of solvent, like lacquer or shellac, but mechanically like paint. This is why you have to absolutely scuff sand every square inch in between coats to ensure intercoat adhesion.

I'd clean it off with varsol to get any wax off. Sand it, tack cloth it and then I'd shoot a good very careful coat. Make sure you don't have any opportunity for dust to get in it and leave it be.

If you really need to rub it out you may have to settle for a satin finish.

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