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Red Special Project

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Hi everyone

I am new around here although i have been looking at the project guitar website for a while to help me with my project!

For a while now i have been obsessed by Brian May's Red Special guitar which was made some 40 years ago! I finished my first replica in august 2004, and now in 2005 I started my second!

I have 2 websites running for people who want to make there own and to help others, due to the accuracy of the new one most of it has to be kept secret!

Here are my 2 sites:-

Making of a legend

3 legends in the making

please let me know what you think of my work i am only 17 and have got a name for my self as being the youngest ever to make one!

cheers mattw :D

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Basicly the Brian May tremolo is a balenced / Floating tremolo unit. The knife edge (the plate on top) Acts as a pivoit point. When the tremolo arm is pushed or pulled it rocks/ pivoits on the knife edge plate.


Hope this helps!

- Body plans well i have no full size plans at all and also my scanner is not that big! But i can send all the information I have!

cheers matt :D

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