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  1. I've just released my 2nd how to build a guitar DVD, "Vintage Cigar Box Guitar Construction" Here's a link to the store... http://stores.ebay.com/Cigar-Box-Guitar-Emporium The old cigar box guitars made back in the 30's typically used a broom or mop handle to make one-string instruments. I went to the extreeme and made a 6-string electric slide guitar. The result is surprising. For $15 in spare parts and trash off the street, I made a guitar that sounds as sweet as Ry Cooder. Yes, it's that good! Enjoy! Bill
  2. I like the looks of it and you get extra points for using unusual materials. Makes me wonder about using some pelts with a little fur on them. That would be a little creepy. Good work!
  3. I like this question, and I also like the answers. I have a spreadsheet that I keep updated of what guitars I've made, who owns them, details that made the build special, how much the sold for, and so forth. My count is up to only 28. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm not killing myself to churn them out. I average about 1 per month. I have 9 more in the queue to make. If I only had more time... didn't need to eat or sleep... I'd be golden.
  4. Hello again everybody. Since I've been totally focused on making cigar box guitars for the past 2 years or more now, I've gotten to the point where measuring the fret positions for every guitar is a tedious chore. I don't look forward to it. I came up with a design for a jig to simplify measuring the frets to customize the string scale to fit the cigar box and the neck attached to it. Just coming up with the design was the hard part, or so I thought... I drew up my design and started hunting around for a place to stamp it out of aluminum, steel, or laser cut it out of clear acrylic. Just to make one jig the cost skyrocketed to anywhere from $500 to $1000 and up!!!! I started looking at homebrew CNC machines today. Like I really have the free time to tinker with something like that. I've looked at just buying one off the shelf - 5 grand right there (or 5 fret jigs). Anyway, I'm at the point where I'd like to open up the topic to you guys. I have a really good idea. It's never been done before. It's so dern simple that I think other guitar makers could use something like this. But, the cost of having something made for me is way out of my price range. I need to find a cheap way to make a bunch of these things. They have to be accurate which is why I was going for CNC or laser cut templates. Any tips, advice, offers to help are welcome. Thanks,
  5. I'm not trying to be funny but you do know that upside down guitar chords (bass four only obviously) are mandolin chords? Yep. That works to get started. But, for example, a G chord played on a mandolin (by a mandolin player) would be: _3_ _2_ _5_ _4_ And an upside-down guitarist would just play... _3_ _2_ _0_ _0_ Both work, but the proper mandolin chord sounds a little better. I really need to make the sound clip of this little animal. You are not going to believe the sound that it has for what it's made of.
  6. This one is tuned like a Mandolin, in 5ths. GDAE or something like that. I don't know anything about mandolin playing so I just mess around and find a few frets that work better than others and strum like mad. "Boobs" or the Quintero Esquire Tele is my main guitar now. That's the one that I can't sell. I think that box was masonite or something. Masonite has a great tone to it actually. The cedar boxes work well too. They are just getting harder to find. Oh, and the rustic look, considering that those parts are from the 20's and 40's that's real dirt on there. All I did was splice the two bits together and string it up. It would figure that some of the best things I make take about 5 minutes to put together.
  7. I've got most of the pickups in there now. TOM, Strat, and Tele bridges added. All those strap buttons added. Still quite a few things to add. :-S
  8. Thanks Hector. I know that what I do is a niche kind of thing. There's not too many folks that would play this stuff by choice. Call me crazy, but I love these odd ball guitars.
  9. It's a long story, but I'm trying to raise money to buy a large collection of antique guitars. I'm listing a bunch of parts over the next few days in my fleaBay shop. I've hoarded some of this stuff for years. It's time to let it go. Have a peek, there's a lot more to come. Thanks for your help.
  10. Some things never change. Man, I got ripped off years ago and fighting it just caused more trouble. I lost THOUSANDS from that ordeal. What really bites is that it took away a lot of the fun and willingness to share how I do stuff on forums. Everything I used to post for free gets published and sold now. As a matter of fact, I'm celebrating 5 years in business. I make enough to cover the cable bill each month, so that's pretty rockin'.
  11. Howdy folks. Just wanted to show off the latest mad creation from the shop. Take a pre-war Banjo neck and splice it on a 1940's cigar box repurposed as a Ukulele, string it up with Mandolin strings, then call it a Guitar... and you get THIS... Still working on the sound clip, but this is a great player. Really bright sounding but a mellow tone at the same time. It's hard to explain.
  12. Man, this is awesome looking. This could be the smallest GOTM entry (hint hint) ever!
  13. Hmm, I'm going to have to go with a rectangular shape... about 8" wide, 6" tall, and 2.5" thick.
  14. Another one?! Yes, these were all part of my 10 guitars in 10 days project. You could have been subjected to MORE! This is the last one, I swear. Name: The Hoyo Cannon (for radio DJ, AJ Cannon) Oooh, antique brass corners on this one! More drywall screws and dress washers. AJ wanted to have his airname "Cannon" on the guitar somewhere. I found a small metal tobacco tag from a Cannon tobacco company. Attached to the headstock with a little epoxy and covered with a clear enamel. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v299/jeh...on/P1030860.jpg Stats: 24.75" Gibbo scale, reused neck from some LP copy. A nearly matched pair of old strat single coils with aged white (now cream) covers, wired in series as a humbucker. Gold hardware everywhere. Locking tuners (on a CBG?!?!). Output jack cup is reused cabinet hardware, similar to the Quintero Tele. String through ferrules are some surplus press-in screw anchors. Sound: Oh, yes. Paul Kossoff, and Carlos Santana for that wicked vibrato. Also (cringe) Yngwie J Malmsteen if you rip through the harmonic minor scale. Listen back to the Band Of Nixies clip up in the Dixie Maid Cigar Box Bass... This is the guitar playing the "Shave and a Haircut" riff.
  15. Is there a rule about how many guitars I can enter? On we go... Name: Quintero Esquire Tele (a.k.a. Boobs) All dressed up with a set of nickel corners. Converted hex nut for the volume knob. And, the output jack cup is a finger pull cabinet door thingy. Poplar has some ugly grain, but this will be painted over with white epoxy enamel and the "Gloria Estafan with breast enhancements" paper will be put on as an overlay. Truss rod cover made from a peach packing crate and a thin slice of cedar taken from a cigar box. Nothing too surprising on the back. Black felt paper added. More deck screws and dress washers for the bolt on and ferrules. Stats: Short scale (about 23") single coil Tele, Old style 3 barrel bridge, hidden Piezo electric pickup switch hidden in the input jack (stereo plug). Still needs a finish coat and the "boobs" overlay put on the headstock. Sound clip... She's is dead on for Funk 49 by the James Gang!
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