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  1. Another one?! Yes, these were all part of my 10 guitars in 10 days project. You could have been subjected to MORE! This is the last one, I swear. Name: The Hoyo Cannon (for radio DJ, AJ Cannon) Oooh, antique brass corners on this one! More drywall screws and dress washers. AJ wanted to have his airname "Cannon" on the guitar somewhere. I found a small metal tobacco tag from a Cannon tobacco company. Attached to the headstock with a little epoxy and covered with a clear enamel. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v299/jeh...on/P1030860.jpg Stats: 24.75" Gibbo sc
  2. Is there a rule about how many guitars I can enter? On we go... Name: Quintero Esquire Tele (a.k.a. Boobs) All dressed up with a set of nickel corners. Converted hex nut for the volume knob. And, the output jack cup is a finger pull cabinet door thingy. Poplar has some ugly grain, but this will be painted over with white epoxy enamel and the "Gloria Estafan with breast enhancements" paper will be put on as an overlay. Truss rod cover made from a peach packing crate and a thin slice of cedar taken from a cigar box. Nothing too surprising on the back. Black felt paper adde
  3. Name: Dixie Maid Factory Throw Outs - Cigar Box Bass. Note the black drywall screws and dress washers for the bolt on. Door stopper added to the butt end for "stand up" playing. More eye screws! I love these little babies. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v299/jeh...ss/P1030831.jpg Stats: It's a P-Bass made from a bunch of parts from eBay. Everything on this bass was broken. Neck, cheap second or third rate work. Lots of chip outs on the side that were filled with a epoxy/sawdust mix. Strings, used, another eBay find. Rusty squire bridge. Pickup, probably an
  4. Name: Jimbo's Dobro (named for my chum Jim Frets for whom this was a gift) Shopping on the hardware isle I got a drawer pull, a few brass bolts, and some eye screws. Oh, and a galvanized deck screw for the single "bolt on" screw. http://home.hiwaay.net/~jehle/photos/jimbro4.jpg http://home.hiwaay.net/~jehle/photos/jimbro5.jpg Stats: Somewhere around a 22" string length, 4-string, resonator cone attached to a tamborine in a mid-1950's western cedar cigar box. Brass hardware, Corian nut borrowed from Home Depot sample drawer, poplar neck. Sound clip (not bad f
  5. Their name has to start with a "J" and be unpronounceable too. You could shorten your name to just Jerik, as in Erikbo Jerik. Can you hit things with wooden spoons and keep good time? BTW, I didn't post this snippet to pimp either my guitar or Jukkasil's bass. I just did this for a laugh.
  6. Okay... This is demented, and it's not a song. It does show that a shovel and a cigar box can make some pretty weird jam! A shovel bass and a cigar box gutiar ... workingman mix! No it just needs a demented solo... Any takers?
  7. Well as a valid instrument, my bass is very playable (and I like its sound very much too), very light and ergomically thinking very easy to play. You can find some sound examples (mp3) from my project-page: http://www.tuulikumpu.fi/?p=p_72&sName...a-ja-työvaiheet I am SO going to loop those bass lines and play the CBG over it. The international trash jam has started!
  8. I appreciate all the kind words about the Cigar Box Guitar Jr., it's not a toy at all. I suppose that's the point that I'm trying to make with these things now. Thanks for the votes! Since I couldn't vote for myself, for me it was between the Lyre Esquire (because I dig longhorns), and that workingman shovel bass. Both are brilliant IMHO and I would love to own both of them. In the end, I had to go for the workingman. To see an old shovel and think, "I'm going to make a bass out of that." is freakin' brilliant. I love guitars made from trash!
  9. Well, it's been a while. This is what I've been up to as of late. I call these my Hybrid Series because they are in between a cigar box guitar and a full on electric. This one is inspired by the venerable Les Paul Jr. It's a volume hot rod made from parts spaning from the 1960's up to the present day! The action is very low. Surprisingly, this is a real shredder because of that. Everything fits nice and tight. The sound is unreal, rich and creamy run through a Boogie amp. I can go from Blackmore to Buckethead on this thing. It's also mostly hollow, so you can play it acoustically as wel
  10. Excelent work all aroung guys. Congratulations to everyone. As a cigar box guitar afficianado I had to vote for Hitone! Excelent!
  11. ¬°Arrrrrrrriba! I don't have a chance with all of the competition, but thanks for the few votes I have so far.
  12. I can still make 6-stringers. In fact, I made this one mostly because of the comments here about wishing that the last cigar box guitar had 6-strings. I'm still in the process of distilling the guitar down to the bare minimum. Working with the cigar boxes has really enabled that because I get to focus on the neck building more than anything else. The bridge and electronics are really there just to make it a functional guitar. As for the brackets, I'll put 5 bucks down for Tundra Mans V project. That looks sweeeet.
  13. I'm sure this will come as a shock to you all... but I have another cigar box guitar to enter. This one is a full up electric 6-string. Everything used for the build was bought through eBay auctions. Everything was really cheap and either from unused parts or from Squire II tat that people had traded out. The neck is another eBay find for $15. Nothing special and that's why it's not pictured. Okay. It's a semi-hollow cigar box Tele using a 1/4" thick all wooden cigar box that was just long enough to bolt a neck and bridge on for the 25 1/2" string length. The box is filled with 2
  14. Meh, I have a big fat zero! The green surf guitar gets my vote. I want that guitar.
  15. It took me 8 days to the day to finish it. I bring you "The CIGANTOR" Hand carved Maple neck, neck-through construction 22 Frets 23 1/8" scale ACE hardware, po boy's TOM bridge Mid 1930's Birch or Spruce Corina cigar box Rosewood fiddle tuners with dot inlay. F-Holes Hand rubbed gunstock oil and wax finish. 4 strings tuned DGBD (like a 4 string banjo) You can't see it in the photo, but there's over 400 growth lines across the top of this!!!! I wanted Matt to know that he inspired me to build this one. It's the best sounding cigar box guitar I've made to date. An
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