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Self-critique Section?

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Now that I finished my first project, I've had a chance to self-critique my design and the final product.

And I got to thinking it would be interesting to have a section where people can give a critique of their own designs after they've had a chance to play the guitar for a bit. Point out areas where the design works --and places where it doesn't work and should be corrected.

I think this would be beneficial for everyone.

But maybe this section already exists and I haven't noticed it?

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genbloke, I can see the problem and it would be a booger to fix!

If I had a problem like that with one of my guitars I would either fix it or mark it down to experience and live with it. Haven't had to so far but it's just a matter of time. I HAVE built some stuff that I wouldn't play but the person paying the bill would and like it. To be honest, I'm not all that fussy.

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OK I'll go first,

The volume knob is a bit to far forward (the one next to the bridge pickup) so i bang my hand on it sometimes, 

I have that problem when I play strats, I'm always pushing down the volume. On my teles, I'm always accidentally hitting the pickup switch, shifting into the bridge...and that's the way Leo designed it, so it's a personal thing.

I'd like to see a full-fledged section for this kind of discussion.

I have a couple of criticisms about the Bocaster too --the absence of a lower curve makes it more difficult to play sitting. I solve that by resting it on the strap, which is just 'sticky' enough to hold the guitar in place. I'm looking at installing a small rubber strip on the bottom edge. Other than that, it's great for sitting down--fits nicely between my lap and my chest.

Standing, the guitar balances really well--it's as if the neck is just waiting there for me to play on it, I don't have the feeling that I'm holding up the neck at all, like on some of my other guitars (especially my tele). I'd like to improve the balance a bit--all it would take would be to bold a steel plate onto the back near the bottom. I'd like the neck to lift up about an inch or so--I might be able to achieve that by adjusting the strap length though.

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