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Midi Pickups


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Hey all

as title says im wanting info about midi pickup systems. im going to go scouring in just a moment but i figured id post here to see what other info people have

the way i understand it is that the pickup tracks the string movement and turns it into a midi note which is them passed to whatever equipment as a standard midi signal

what id like to know is whether this is compatable with all computer programs with midi interface in the same way that a midi keyboard controller is?

also how does it deal with things like string bends or doesnt it?

finally, how easy is it to go putting one into an existing guitar? does it come with lots of onguitar controls that have to be there hence making it necesary to make a new body with the space for them?

thanks for any help people feel like chucking my way. reason for asking is ive recentlly got into electronically making music and my skills with a keyboard leave a fair bit lacking in comparison to my guitar skills

and admit it, having different samples set to each note and playing a drum and bass drumline on a guitar would just be plain cool :D

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There are MIDI "pickups"... and then there are devices that do things with MIDI.

The MIDI Converter System (by Shadow) allows you to send MIDI sinals to the computer, but I have not had a chance to work with one (a little pricey for a play toy) so I cannot personally say how well it works with other MIDI gear.

Using the Roland GK3 with the Roland GR20 gives you both worlds. Using the switch on the GK3, you can send MIDI and/or audio to the GR20 pedal. However, I have not seen any product information that leads me to believe that you can plug this into your computer.

Just something to consider as you're looking.


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