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Wiring With A Weird Switch


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hey, i have an HH pickup configured guitar that i am trying to wire up with a werid 5 way or it might be a 3 way. it is all ESP so if that helps in decoding this thing i don't know. i just need to find out how this switch works so that i can get it wired up correctly. it has a ground lug and then 7 lugs going around in a half circle from that number 1-7. if someone could help me wire my humbuckers up to that it would be appreciate. and my humbuckers are not coil tappable either, so there is just a ground wire and a hot wire from the pickups. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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You will need a multimeter with continuity test. Manufacturers, especially ESP, change switch vendors all the time so it's just about impossible to tell unless you test it out yourself.

If you are replacing pickups, just wire the new ones to the same places the old ones were soldered on.

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