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Metal Humbucker Project


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Hey guys,

I previously just finished building my own Flying V (with the help of some people on this forum) and i've started to think about building a SG style guitar. First of all, this might be the wrong place to ask this question, and i know many people have asked it before.

Does ANYONE have the exact dimensions of a Gibson SG? I downloaded the free .dfx template from www.guitarbuild.com or whatever it is. But, its obviously too big. So, i'd just need the measurements of:

· Bottom of the Guitar to the Bottom of the Neck (Height)

· Widest part of the Waist (hip) on the east side to the widest part of the other side.

Also, for this project, im thinking about building my own humbuckers for it. I am more of a huge distortion guy and i play alot of rock. I've been looking around at alot of humbuckers and the one that I like the sound of the most is the Seymour Duncan Metal Livewire. I was wondering:

· How many windings should I use?

· What type of Magnet should I use?

· Any other information

Anyone who can help me out with this would be an amazing help! I am going to build the humbucker using the same method as John Tirone (John Fisher) but to my new specifications.

So, can anybody help me out with both the SG thing and the Humbucker thing?



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