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Repairing Chips In Nitro


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My buddy has custom PRS (nitro finish- correct me if I am wrong on this) with a rather large chip on the lower horn, down to the wood. Am I wrong in thinking that a gel superglue will do the trick? What other techniques will yield acceptable results?

Superglue soaks into wood grain like crazy... I don't know if you could even get enough to stay on top to even out the finish (well, I guess of course you can, you'd just end up with a whole tube of superglue on the guitar), and it might discolor the wood around the spot.

I can't give you any better options, never having done spot refinishing (people will probably tell you to get brush-on poly or nitro, but I'M not telling you that, as I've never tried spot repairs on lacquered wood before), but if I were you I'd stay away from superglue on exposed areas of wood.

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PRS don't use nitro, they use poly. You will not be able to get an invisible repair with poly, but a proffesional may be able to get a *near* invisible repair. A PRS is an expensive instrument, so I recommend you consult a pro, or tell you friend to learn to live with the ding - inexperienced amateurs often do more harm than good when trying to touch up finish damage.

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Thanks for the info... I told him that no matter what there would probably be evidence of a repair, I told him to live with the ding. He at least wants the wood to be sealed though. He really likes my work which is why he came to me about this, as many basses as I have built I dont know squat about finishing. My comfort level with modding someone elses instrument is very low, I would rather build someone a new one than risk mistakes on an existing one.

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