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Pickup Screws

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I am making a 7 string, and decided to install the 2 humbuckers without the pickup rings.

What screws should I use since the regular ones will not grip much in the bare wood....should I just force some slim wood screws in the pickup holes, and directly in the body of the guitar?

Thanks for looking


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You can buy pickup screws from just about any music store, or guitar store, if you happen to have one in your area. If not then you can surely find some on line.

I assume you're talking about the regular screws that were with the rings correct? If so, then you will probably need a different type of screw, there are several types of pickup screws, if anything like the ones that are on my pickup rings you will definatly need a different type of screw for direct mounting.

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Thanks for the replyes, it will probably not work well with the original screws, it will be direct mounting. I think I'll need to drill a bigger hole in the pickup wings ( that is what I call the two staffs that have the screw holes ) and use a wood screws, not the original ones. like when installing J model pickups on a bass guitar.

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Yeah, just use #4 or #6 wood screws but be careful about the length. Don't want no sharpies sticking out the back. I cut some of the foam that SD pickups come in and use it as a thin compression spacer behind the pickup and pull the pickup down against that. Don't drill the holes any bigger if you don't have to. Pan-head sheet metal screws work well also and the head looks less out-of-place. You can get them it stainless if that matches your hardware.

Gotta add, I've only built two 7-strings because I didn't like them. I ended up making one for myself after playing the second one with two humbuckers. 7-strings are a different breed! I built mine with two seperate soundpaths for stereo. Next one, I am going to try two 6-string pickups offset by one string and stereo output. May be wasting my time but I'm having fun.

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I just needed a confirm that the method was good enough, I usually use mounting rings for my hums.

I bought 2 plastic 7 string mounting rings, but really don't like them....I use always metal ones and plastic makes it look a bit cheap in my opinion, so that is the reason I am trying this method, will post pics soon.

I never even played a 7 string, so I really don't know much about them, I love that deep violent riff tone they give!

Thanks for your help guys :D

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