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Paint Question

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It depends on how much paint there is chipped off and how neat finish you want. I had the paint on my ESP's headstock chipped off just a little and I refinished it with a black marker pen :D . It was only a tiny chip so it can only be seen on close range... But when it comes to real big spots there's not much you can do without refinishing it completely...

And you can always make a relic Strat :D

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Well fortuantely none of the chips are very big at all, but the wood shows through so you notice it even at a distance. Basically all I'm looking to do is cover the wood so the spots aren't as visible. I'm not that concerned about how it looks up close, obviously I don't expect it to look perfect. What sort of paint would be appropriate for this sort of thing?

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If you're not too fussy get an automotive touch up at an auto parts store. They come in all kinds of coplors that match car paint. Since you have a blue you have a pretty good chance at finding a close match. Some come with a brush in the cap. This is not going to give you an invisible professional repair but with some patience you can get an acceptable repair.

If it's a lacquer finish when you have colored in the bare spots take a piece of stiff paper about six inches square. cut a hole a scootch (metric scootch not English) larger than your repair and shoot some clear lacquer over the repair to seal it. This way you don't have to use masking tape. Then you can rub it in with a little rubbing compound. Is that clear? If not post me back.

This is actually how most furniture touch up guys do it, they just use blendall powders and an artists brush instead of a touch up bottle.

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