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Straighten Me Out

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Since I don't play, I haven't had much exposure to electric guitars. I am, however, sitting here with a set of Texas Specials in fron of me ready to go in. Am I stupid? (don't answer that)

From the outside of the pickguard, doesn't it go like this:

1. Put screw thru pickguard

2. Put rubber tubing on screw

3. Place pickup cover on screw

4. Place pickup on screw and thread on.

Don't the screws "self-tap" into the Forbon material of the pickup base?

I'm not going to mess these up until I get some kind of response.......

Dang! I feel stupid....................

Thanks, sincerely.

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You got it right. Just make sure you have the pickup oriented the right way. The "V" shaped part of the baseplate should be "pointing" towards the bridge.


I was thinking that, but dang-it, I;m about done with this project and everything has gone right. That's just not like me.

Thanks again........there may be sound before daybreak....................

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Don't feel bad. I still think it is kind of creepy to be putting those screws through that thin, flimsy crap, too. I've even thought abought getting some of those J-nut thingies to put real metal in the pickup-mount but, so far, it hasen't been needed.

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