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Pick-up Problems?


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First of all, let me say that I don't know the first thing about modifying a guitar, so if I sound ignorant, it's because I am. I recently purchased of set of EMG's (J-set) to replace the pick-ups in my Fender Jazz Bass 5-string (made in Mexico). The J-set is adaptable to 5-string basses, depending on string width. I was thinking that I would just pop out the old and put in the new with no modifications to my guitar -my first mistake. Actually, maybe my second - I shouldn't have bought the new pick-ups until I knew exactly what I needed.

I am now thinking that replacing the pickguard will take care of the problem with the neck pick-up, but what about the bridge pick-up? The length on the new pick-up is about a half inch shorter than the old and the mounting holes do not line up (same for the neck pick-up). Even if I get it mounted in there, what do I do about the open spaces on each end of the bridge pick-ups (where there is no pickguard coverage)? My thought was to make a rectangular piece (possibly from the old pickguard) just big enough to fit around that bridge pick-up and cover the left over space.

I was hoping to hear some feedback before I went to see a guitar tech. I don't know of any any, so I don't want to go in totally clueless and possibly get sucked into something that's going to cost me a lot of money.


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