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Making Molds

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Hey guys! Sorry if this is allready asked somewhere....but i searched for hours and couldn't find anything.

I was wonder, if i make a hollowbody guitar, and choose the "bending the wood" method, what do i use for the mold? and where do i get it? I am assuming i have to make it out of some think plywood (multiple sheets glued together).

So....someone give me and explanation of doing this?

Thanks guys!


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You've pretty much got it. You can use plywood, MDF, particle board, chunks of lumber... whatever you can work and that you can clamp against once you're done. But, you don't need a mold to build a hollow body.

Sides get bent on bending irons or in a heated side bending jig. The molds help the sides keep their shape while they cool and keep them from relaxing if they don't get glued up right away. In guitarmaking books by Sloane and by Cumpiano & Natelson, they build acoustics without a mold.

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