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Dot Inlays

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Alright well i was just wondering this question. Im on my 2nd guitar and i put dots in the first one and i found center by drawing lines from corner of each fret. Which worked but a couple i wasnt exactly on and the dots arent all centered. Well this one im doing leds and if i dont get them all exactly center it will show worse cause they will light up. So is there an easier way them what im already doing?

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This is how I avoid cutting mistakes:

Glue all of the dots down with a spot of Elmers or CA glue.

Stare at it

Find the pieces that are off, pull them up by heating up the piece with an iron (for elmers) or pop them off with a razor blade. Scrape the old glue off the bottom.

Glue it back down with a spot again.

Stare at it more

Repeat these steps as necessary.

Once you're confident everything is in it's right place, scribe around it, and cut the hole by hand.

This is however, far more time consuming than using a drill bit and putting the hole in the right place to begin with. But makes it nearly impossible to make a blaring mistake.

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