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While waiting for my nitro to cure fully I was doing a dry run of assembly on my body. Mounting the neck pick up I noticed... well, there is no way to mount the neck pick up. The cavity appears to be *just* a little bit too big, and that foam "spring" they use on the pick up pushes the pup way above the neck.

Now, the idea I was toying with was to take some 3/4" screws and actually screw the pick up so that the screws reside inside the cavity. Is this normal practice for telecasters or am I just insane? :D

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Well, after everything was mocked up -- minus the strings-- there were two rather long screws left over, that just happen to nicely into the mounting ring of the pick-up. So, I gather this was the intention of the makers of the kit for the pup.

I guess I should go as far as I can before asking silly questions :D

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