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I am testing some satin deft... it looks great so far. I am familiar with the proccess of bringing a glossy finish up to its full potential, however I am not to sure how much of this process applies to a satin nitro finish. More specifically, after sanding out the oragne peel, how far do you guys usually take it? As always I will test it on my own and see how far I need to polish it before I stopping noticing any progress, but advice from those with experience in the matter is always reassuring and helpful.

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The only difference in a gloss, satin, or flat finish if the amount of flattener in it. This is some white powder that looks like chalk dust. It's the gunk at the bottom of the can that you stir up. If you don't stir flat and shoot it it will be gloss.

You really should rub out every coat. You don't have to, but to get a really smooth result rub it out through at least 600. For a true satin finish use maroon, then grey Scotchbrite. This will leave some really fine scratches , but that gives it the satin look.

Isn't Abralon great stuff? For those who don't know this is a product made by Mirka. It was originally designed to be used on solid surface. It is a 5 or 6" foam pad with the grit on one side. You use it with random orbital sanders and if you have a large surface area, like the back of a guitar it really is wonderful.

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