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Good Tuner For Intonation

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Anyone have a suggestion for a good tuner to use to set intonation? I've been using a little digital cheapie for years for tuning but it has no range at all. I'd like to get a good one, but I don't need a lot of whistles and bells.

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Doc, now it's my turn! :D

I used to use a Boss TU12 with good results, still have that and a small Korg, but I use a Peterson Strobostomp Tuner on my pedalboard. The difference is really amazing and makes my guitars sound much more in tune. It's a great gigging tool, is more accurate, faster than any tuner I've used. Plus, it's true bypass so you can insert it into your chain and tune silently, without having to worry about it affecting your signal at all. Great buy!

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Doc, this be thedoctor! Weird, huh? My brother-in-law has an old chromatic tuner that gets down to the knat's gonads that he hasn't used in years. I use an osilliscope even though I can't spell it but that is overkill. I'll see if he wants to dump it cheap.

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