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Dual Concentric Pots....help!


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well, my parts have finally arrived for a pickup & hardware change and i was putting them all into the scratchplate. I got to putting the dual concentric pot and i can't get the knobs off the top to mount in the scratchplate!!! ARG! do i need an allen key small enoguh to fit the bolt or it that just for show? I don't have anything that small...really annoying me now!!!

oh and with mounting things, i have 2 nuts, one locking washer & one washer that wont turn, I presume i put one nut, then the non-locking washer, then the scratchplate then the locking washer then the top nut?


edit: oh yeah, theres not really enough metal on the bottom of the pot for a common ground, where woudl be a sensbile place to put it instead?

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Yeah, you need a really small Allen wrench. Dem ain't fer show. And you might not need BOTH of those nuts. They send them so you can adjust the protrusion of the con-pot through the top of the axe. If you really can't find a place to ground and you have shielded your cavity (kind of a personal question), you can use nothing and live off your shielding. I know, Lovecraft is gonna chew my butt (might be a good thing!) but a better way would be to get a ring terminal that fits around the con-pot's bushing or solder a ground wire to the inside mounting washer. Those Allens are probly 1 or 1.5 mm.

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