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Good Or Bad Idea


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I just got finished painting/lacquering my guitar body and noticed that there is a small flake of paint that peeled off the top near the neck pocket exposing the wood. I still have the flake that peeled off and was thinking about re-attaching it with some acetone. My plan was to place the flake back in place and then try to "glue" it in by dropping some acetone on top so that the paint will dissolve and hopefully blend in with the surrounding finish. Just want to see what you all think about this so I don't end up ruining a larger area :D .

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I would try the repair with some free flowing CA glue (superglue). Let it whicker in and apply very light pressure. When fully cured smooth the edges with fine grit paper and then polish. With acetone you are taking the chance of accidentally dissolving most of the flake you are trying to glue back on.

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Let me share some hard earned advice.

Don't use your finger to apply the pressure.

(I won't go into detail about this.)

Use a somewhat pointed pusher of some sort.

Don't mess with it and give it plenty of time to cure all the way.

The reason this works so well is that super glue has the same solvent properties as acetone.

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