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Alternative Tonewoods

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hey, im tryin to find some good alternative tone woods (just conseptual) for a bass im planning, i have a few possibilities, cooktown ironwood and ironbark (both from australia). any ideas?

another thing i was thinking about is wether i could use new zealand Rimu wood for a fret board?

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yeah there is, quite a few types too although it may make a better guitar than a bass, a guitar is a distinct possiblitly. any more suggestions??

not sure about the digereedoo's (sp), i think they just use any old wood that temites bore out.

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i dunno bout rimu as a fret board, u can try it if you like. lemme know if it works. Ive been thinkin bout makin a body out of rimu.

Im new to the whole wood thing, but from the breef inspection of my diningroom table (which is rimu) I think it would be half way between mahogany and maple (just speculation). I gave it a tap, and it had a very bright and focused ring to it.

Good luck with the bass, and if you do use rimu, lemme know how it sounds :D

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