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Router Base For Dremel


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Ok, I'm cheap. I didn't want to pay the $25 for the cheesy dremel router base, nor the $60+ for the stew mac router base, although a smoothe plunge base would be nice. And so I spent a day in the shop just farting around with some scrap, and this is what I came up with.


The bottom and centerplate are 1/8" hardboard with maple supports and handles, attached with #4 countersunk screws. The handles are attached with 2" drywall screws (all I haed on hand at the moment).

Going to work on putting a hardwood edge-guide with a brass bushing for cutting bindings soon.

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Didn't use a tap. I just cut the lip off the plastic collar and used that to fasten it to the center base. It's fairly secure, but I wouldn't want to drop it or anything.

Depth adjustment is a little bit of a pain. Simply moving the bit in and out of the collet until you get the right depth. But I designed it to allow a maximum of adjustment, up to 5/16" depth.

I'll post the plans I used when I get them scanned.

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