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its down to personal preference really! , i prefer linear pots!

what it means is, on a linear pot ,if you turn it half way down, the volume will halve(in theory)

but with logarithmic pots if yoy turn them down half way, the volume is still around 3/4 or thereabouts, it changes at an inverse-exponential rate, such that most of the difference occurs nearer to the end of the turn.

but i may be wrong! :D

sorry if this is confusing B)

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Traditionally, volume pots are log or audio taper - the only reason for a log tapered pot is to attempt to match the essentially logarithmic response of the human ear, ie half rotation equals half perceived volume. There are no other physical differences, and I've used linears in a pinch, but it sure was hard to get used to. The analogy is power amps - a 100w Marshall is nowhere near twice as loud as a 50 watt, but it is louder. hope that helps.

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