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Different Color Dyes On Same Piece Of Wood?

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I've been testing some dye finishes on some scrap wood and finding some really cool combinations.

I just got another bottle of Dark Mahogany tint Dye, which I applied after a red dye and sealer. I really like the color that gives. The Alder I have is suprisingly showing a lot of grain patterns, which is a big +.

There are three options I'm considering at this point, regarding the order of dyes to apply. First off, I am going to use less red than orangy/brown (mahogany tint), to give an even more lustrous look to the brown.

1- Apply Red dye to bare wood, then sealer, then the mahogany dye (like I did) then sealer.

2- Mixing both dyes together beforehand, then apply the mix, then sealer.

3- Apply red dye, then mahogany dye, then sealer.

What would be a better base for the final clear coats, in your opinion?

And most importantly, what difference in tint do you think option 2 and 3 might bring, compared to option 1?

Thanks you VERY MUCH! :D

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Once you seal the wood, the stain won't penetrate and will look blotchy.

If you looked at my guitar it has 2 different blue hues on it. And in the tutorial section look for Myka another burst tutorial, and you will see kinda like what you are talking about. But he uses Red, Yellow and Brown to make a wiped on sunburst.

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right, it makes sense, but in the sunburst tutorial (not Dave Myka, but the once that's pinned), the poster finishes the tele by applying yellow dye, then sealer, then amber dye, then sealer, then dark brown dye and finally the last coats of sealer.

According to him, it "deepens" the colors.

Here is the link:


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OK, when you use a rag you are rubbing or spreading the stain on the body, letting the wood soak some then taking the excess out with another clean rag, (there are a lot of different ways so I will only mention that one)

With the airbrush, all you are doing is spray painting, so he is using the dyes to paint, like if you were using a spray gun or can. Do staining at all, but painting. this is the reason he used the sealer inbetween, to keep the colors from bleeding into each other and crating a traditional sunburst paint job, the one Myka does is a wiped method, so it all goes into bare wood, but it is better with figured wood, so it won't be good for you, you will be fine with painting it. Are you in the us, you can try http://www.reranch.com/ they have a nice kit for bursting

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