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I could do with some help to choose the right equipment such as router and router bits

so i would appriciate any guidance you could give me.

I live in the UK so I am very much restricted in the brand of equipment I can use?

So what spec router would you recommend?


Routing depth?


I would also appriciate any help on which type of jigsaw blades to use

to cut the body out?? :D

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Hi there....

Once Brian & the rest of the gang have given you some pointers on what to get, you might want to try Screwfix and/or MachineMart for tools. Their prices are great and ScrewFix in particular do next day delivery cos everything's always in stock :o

I got a scrollsaw for small cutting jobs (like scratchplates, etc) for about forty quid ( :o ) from MachineMart and a bench-top bandsaw from ScrewFix for well under a ton ( :o ).

I better go before I overuse a smilie :D

Good luck!


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Dave those are some great links :D

tonebucket the best advice I can give on the router is buy the best you can possibly afford, then you shouldn't be disapointed. Plunge routers or those with that capability will help you the most when doing cavitys the safest way, also if it can handle larger and smaller sized bit's it will be more helpful and the higher the horsepower the better off you'll be.

When it comes to blades for a jigsaw just remember for high speed rough cutting fewer teeth and for fine detail work and taking your time a higher number of teeth per inch or cm.

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