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Finish A Neck With Nitro Based Lacquer

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Hi, I bought some nitro based lacquer (glossy) , that I plan to use on the back of my neck + headstock when it's finished. I just want a thin finish, not a thick one. After reading some posts and tutorials, I decided that I was going to shoot 2 very light coats at once, then let dry, instead of just one wet coat each time.

For what it's worth, the complete drying time indicates 15 hours on the nitro spray can. Is this normal?

I have some questions though:

-Should I spray the first coat vertically, then the second coat horizontally, or should I do both ways for each light coat?

-How many coats (approximately) should I do for a light yet durable, and slightly glossy finish?

-Depending on the # of coats I spray, how long should I let cure, per "double" coat?

Thanks so much!

If there's more info you want to give to a newbie about Nitro, please do! I'm all eyes! :D

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