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Finishing Question


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I have searched the forum and haven't found anything on this, but if it happens to be here somewhere I appoligize. But my question is, is there any way to "age" a painted finish? I'm wanting it to look old and worn. It is freshly painted and just a little too bright for my taste.

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try doing a seach on line for "relicing". i know i've seen tutorials on it before but don't really remember where.

maybe one of the older hands has a link they'd share.

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it's hard to find info. The really bad relicers will gladly tell their secrets, but you probably wouldn't want them. The really good relicers have secret sauces and such that they age hardware with, and other things that they don't want to share, as they probably make their living of fof it.

My advice.. be creative and make up a history for your guitar.. i.e. back in the 70s they tried a different bridge on it (extra holes in the guitar) One night my buddy opened his beer bottle on the upper horn.. It's more complicated than beating it with chains and sanding the finish off.

For hardware.. several people i know use the neck amber from reranch and mist the parts. For metal.. i have no clue. it's trial and error. certain corrosives will have the proper effects on chrome. Ask an art student. They do that type of stuff all the time to force a patina on copper and bronze. Put a couple of cigarette burns in it.. Use amber to spray some nicotene stains where the guitarist kept his cig in the headstock there.. Sand the finish off the back of the neck and let it get dirty..

Finish checking is easy if you have a nitro body.. jsut get the guitar really cold or hot, and then quickly take it to the opposite.. Or in another post, they mentioned one of gibsons custom shop guys that draws checking in with a razor blade. You can dull the body by getting some 0000 steel wool and really working the finish over to a nice dull shine.

Be creative, and give your guitar a story and it will look legit. My guitar is 20 years old and survived my torturing it during highschool so it actually has a story :D

Check out www.nashguitars.com He does some amazing relicing. he gives his instruments a story and really pours himself into the work. Anything else is just beating the crap out of your instrument :D

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Hehehe, me and my mates killed my encore POS when i got my epi. Oh that was fun... That was a relic befor we got out way with it too. Ive got an idea, give your guitar to your younger brother or a young cousin or summat for a week and leave them unsupervised with it, i can personaly garantee this will give you the results all relic-ers desire.

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