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Problem W/ibanez Piezo Electric Gutar


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I have a Ibanez sa420dx electgric guitar w/piezo, I'm having some problems with the guitar, whenever you have a cord plugged into the piezo plug it sends a ridiculous buzzing noise to the magnetic (electric) output, I see nowhere that I can contact Ibanez. Any help that anyone could give me would be very much appreciated! I have a show in less than 2 weeks I would really like to get this fixed! HELP!!! :D Thanks Josh

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Whoa!! I just looked this axe up on de net and, WOW! Problem sounds like classic ground-loop because you have TWO output jacks! I love it. If you can, take one cable apart and disconnect the ground (shielding) on one end. If the buzz goes away I would say you need better or modified cables. Are you using two different amps? May be a problem with grounding on one amp. Love the guitar!

OOPS! Forgot to say you could have a bad ground connection between the two output jacks.

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Thanks for the input, this was a problem that just seemed to appear, although i did just switch amps that I was playing this guitar with, but what puzzels me is that the buzzing stops when you unplug the cable from the acoustic output, and then the electric output works great, im asuming that power to the piezo board is cut when there is no cable plugged into the output, let me try to explain the problem better, if you use the piezo output only no electric hooked up, that works fine, when you use only the magnetic output by itself that works fine, only when you have cables going out from the piezo say to a pa, and a cable going from the magnetic say to a amp, you get the very bad buzzing from the magnetic that is being amplified by the amp, how can I find ground loop problems ?

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