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1st Time Builder - Saga Bass Guitar Kit

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After playing for many years and owning a variety of guitars and bases, I have decided to take the plunge and try putting one together from a kit. I have ordered the Saga bass kit from Brian, and have been reading and practicing on scrap wood while waiting for it to come in.

Has anyone had any experience with this kit, good or bad? Any suggestions or words of advice for the first time builder?


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I have a few generic words of advice, not specific to Saga.

1) Test fit everything before bolting it together.

2) Read the instructions at least twice.

3) Remember the carpenters creed. Measure twice, cut once.

4) Dark colors can cover light color much easier than light colors can cover dark.

5) Take lots of pix and post them for us.

6) Most important: Enjoy the process!

Guitar Ed

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All the above plus when it comes to seting it up for the first time the general rules apply to basses just like they do to guitar necks (truss rod adjustments and positioning, etc).

I think you will enjoy the experience and you can skip Rule 3 since I'm doing the headstock as per your request :D

Oh and welcome to the forum!

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