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i think it would be a better idea to go down, rather than up. the higher the number the more bassy it is. most people i know of use a.1uf for a hi pass. i put a .2 in my wolfgang and it wasn't quite as bright as i like it. i guess just go with what sounds best to you.

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I've been reading up on Caps for a long time now. Recently I scored several antique NOS Sprage's off Ebay. You would be supprised the difference in tone the older cap foil caps make (not to mention the actual size of them compaired to todays micro mass production drops), From what I have read up on. I'm going to experiment and guess what Reaper, your one of my first test subjects!

E-mail me your addy and I'll send you a freebie from the 50's n 60's and lets find out!

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