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Grizzly Kit Distributor In The Uk?

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are there any distributors of grizzly guitar kits in the UK? i have seen some saga kits available in the UK, but no grizzlys as yet.

Well Saga uses distributors.. I dont' think Grizzly does. You just buy it from Grizzly.

For the money I would get a saga kit.. it would compare to Grizzly's cheaper kits. For the heirloom kits, by the time yo pay shipping and such you'd be better ordering a body, neck and everything else from All-Parts UK. I know they have a UK website. And if it's sold through allparts, someone is selling it on ebay for close to wholesale so you might check there. Allparts stuff is very high quality. I've played several guitars built from an all-parts catalog and they are top notch.

All-Parts UK

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thanks for the advice! I would very much like to either make up a PRS type guitar or perhaps a les paul single cut and make a full body metal plate to be fixed ontop with hand engraving. thats the plan anyway

Cool. Check out Gigliotti Guitars They do something similar to that. Except they do strat or tele shapes.. since they are flat it's easier to inset a top like that. You won't find PRS or Paul shapes at All-Parts either.. only fender.

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