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Tung Oil Finish How To?

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Use your search button. There is a whole bunch of info available. Read 'em and repost anything you're still in the dark about.


No. Oil finish is just not going to get real glossy. It is fast, simple, nearly foolproof, easily repaired and maintained, but not particularly shiney.

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Not all "fine wood" is found on guitars. :D Here is an oak toilet seat I did with tung oil about 10 yrs. ago. Maybe 3 coats rubbed in with a rag and thats about it, no special treatment, with the exception of shining it with my butt every now and then. B) Just have to make sure its fully cured before use. :D


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Hi all, is there a tung oil tutorial around? If not, does anybody know the steps to creating a shiny, really protective finish with TO. Are there any steps to finishing it afterwards ie. buffing, steel wool etc. ANY help is greatly appreciated.

If it's a glossy finish you're after, you might want to give Tru Oil a try :D

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