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Some Neck Questions

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I'm planing on getting a warmoth neck for the quitar I want to build. I want to get a maple neck (one piece) and I have a few questions about some of the options. What is 1/4 sawn? Does it just affect the appearance or does it also affect the tone (I would guess it wouldn't)? I like the look of the maple on my strat, which I'm guessing is flatsawn, but I have no idea what 1/4 sawn maple would look like. Also they say that the finish would be left on the frets for final fret leveling. From what I've read about warmoth necks, they generally ship in great condition and play great with minor set up adjustments required. Do they just mean I'll have to break out the steel wool and clean the finish off of the frets?? Can anybody out there tell me about their expierence with one piece maple necks?

thanx, as always



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Welcome to the forum mmm-pousto. Please use the search function (upper right) before posting. I found about 300 threads in 30 seconds and here's one that starts to answer your question:


There are lots more that go into more depth. Hit search and type in "quartersawn".

I'll leave the thread open......but try a search on "Warmoth" also. I bet you'll find all your answers.

In the future please search before posting so we're not re-hashing the same old questions over and over. Thanks.

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oh .... I tried the search but just typed 1/4 sawn ..... only got one result

my mistake


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And a question not answered there (it has been discussed, but I'm not sure how you'd search for it) it about removing the lacquer. Don't steel wool it. That will mess up the finish around your frets. It should chip off pretty quickly from regular playing. I've heard of some guys scoring right on the edge of the frets then chipping the lacquer off.

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