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i just recently purchased a harmony 535 head it is all tube and pretty good sound but the pots are dirty and the sound goes from thick to thin never know which one your gonna get so if anyone know anything about these old heads please fill me in thanks.

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lovekraft yeah it from what i understand is a late 50's to early 60's production date. it is totaly hand wired no board cicuits at all everything is original except for a monster cap on the ac line in. the tubes are 6-12ax7 RCA'S and 2- 6l6gc SYLVANIA'S. the RCA's appear to be original includeing metal shrouds over the tube. the sylvainia however look like new tube's. at any rate i use my marshall 8100 head on the tube chanel of course to pre amp into this head, as there is no gain control , only volume and tone. when doing this i was shocked at the tone and vibe of this head. i have always love jcm 800's tone, but this combo package(marshall 8100 pre-amp if you will harmony 535 head) gives me that tone plus the ability to produce some of thickest clean tones i have ever heard. if you could give me some insight on where i might find some tech data on harmony, silvertone or truetone amps as these where all basicaly manufactured alike it would help me tramendously.

thank you

robert latham

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Well, here's the usual suspects:




Any of 'em might have a schematic for sale, and they're generally fairly reasonable. If the amp is as old as you think, it's probably due to have all the electrolytic caps in it replaced.

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