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Single Coils On Humbucker Pots


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I replaced the humbuckers that came with my Samick Royale with a pair of GFS Brooklyns...they're single-coils, look (and sound) like old Dearmonds.

And they sound great...except...they're really hot. Way hotter than the pickups on my strat.

I have the pickups backed all the way off the strings right now--though they'd sound better if I could get them closer. But as it is I have to turn my amp way down, or otherwise turn the guitar's volumes down to 2...doesn't make sense.

Except, maybe it's the pots on there guitar? Since the guitar was originally designed for humbuckers? (It'd be a real PITA to change the pots on this guitar, it's a semi-hollowbody)....

Maybe I should try a different pickup?

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You'll probably want to replace the pots with 250k pots. Also, the pickups are going to be louder than strat single-coils anyway because they are, well, bigger. Bigger bar magnet, more windings, bigger bobbin, etc. P-90s and P-100s were always louder than the Strat pickups. But the 250k pots will attenuate some of the highs and reduce the max voltage coming out of the guitar.

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