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strat bodies and necks

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Hey guys,

Well I sold my Strat to get my car fixed and it turns out it isn't as bad as first thought. Anyway, I want to build my own strat now and was wondering if anyone has used Mighty Mite parts and if they are any good. I am planning to do either a black or red body with a maple/rosewood neck. I am going to get one of those EMG KH21 sets (Strat guard with two EMG 81s)... Throw some locking tuners on that bad boy and rock on... :D

I could probably get a MM body for about $50 is that a good deal or should I try to find a genuine Fender one? Anyway, thanks for any info... B)

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While they have Licensed headstock shape's I've heard rumors that the neck heals are a little off when it comes to fitting a stock Fender body. I'm not positive, just passing on what I have seen one guy post about his MM neck a long time ago. :D

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I was lloking at the Tom DeLonge strats today and was thinking of getting one but I saw just the body on ebay and it is only routed for one HB. Maybe I'll just get a Jimmie Vaughan or Tex Mex. The EMGs are going to make it a lot better... :D

I'll figure something out B)

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